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INDEX Laboratories (Ayu) Ltd. has a dedicated and smart sales team all over the country. They are very professional in their job. If you want to be a professional salesman, please contact your SALES TEAM. You can change your income level within a very few months by hard work with INDEX Laboratories (Ayu) Ltd.

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Specialized Products​

Dibidex (Capsule)


Diabetes, functional problem of the pancreas, dysentery, stomatitis, inflammation of the skin, leucorrhoea, painful micturition, abdominal pain & fever.

Arthodex (Capsule)

Brihat Vatgajankush

Chronic Sciatica, Gout, Low back pain, Arthritis/Joint pain, Lumbago, Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Muscle pain.

Konadex (Syrup)


Highly effective on asthma, Act as a natural anti-allergen.It removes Bronchitis, Cough, cold & Respiratory infection.


INDEX Laboratories (Ayu) Ltd. manufactures and sells a wide range of products in the local markets.

INDEX bactericidal (জীবানু নাশক)

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